31 October 2006

Gentlemen, start your shredders.

Dick Cheney starts planning for November 8th.

22 October 2006

16 Days Away

Ken Catalino

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - President Bush gently
admonished his father for saying he hates to think
what life would be like for his son if the Democrats
win control of Congress in the November 7 election.

It was the latest sign of possible strain in the
relationship between the two men.

"He shouldn't be speculating like this, because -- he
should have called me ahead of time and I'd tell him
they're not going to (win)," a smiling Bush told ABC
"This Week" in an interview broadcast on Sunday.

12 October 2006

And Now For Something Completely Different

Monty Python's Terry Jones congratulates the Torturer-In-Chief.

Dear President Bush,

I write to you in my capacity as secretary of the
World League of Despots.

It is with great pleasure that I am finally able to
extend an official invitation to you to join our
ranks. For many years, we have watched your
efforts to fulfil the requirements necessary to
join our number. From the start, we were greatly
impressed by your disdain for democratic
principles - the way you wrested power from the
democratically elected candidate in the 2000
election, and again in 2005 when you managed
to swing what was clearly going to be a victory
for your opponent.

Contempt for human life has always been a
priority requirement for membership of the
league, and I and my fellow adjudicators were
well aware of your record as governor of Texas
when you quadrupled the number of state
executions. But your record since seizing power
has surpassed even our expectations. The
thousands of innocent people in Iraq, who have
died so that you could fulfil your declared
political objective of establishing "an American
force presence in the Middle East", attest to your
eligibility to join our ranks. I cannot, however,
disguise the fact that we adjudicators were
extremely anxious when you announced your
intention to remove from office one of our most
stalwart members, Mr Saddam Hussein. However,
we need not have worried. According to a recent
UN report, you have ensured that there are now
even more human rights abuses in Iraq than there
were under Saddam. No less than 10% of those
in custody are being physically or psychologically
abused. Well done!

10 October 2006

Axis of Failure

The foreign policy fiascos just keep multiplying for
President 34%.

Washington Post:

Nearly five years after President Bush
introduced the concept of an "axis of
evil" comprising Iraq, Iran and North
Korea, the administration has reached
a crisis point with each nation: North
Korea has claimed it conducted its first
nuclear test, Iran refuses to halt its
uranium-enrichment program, and Iraq
appears to be tipping into a civil war
3 1/2 years after the U.S.-led invasion.

Each problem appears to feed on the
others, making the stakes higher and
requiring Bush and his advisers to make
difficult calculations, analysts and U.S.
officials said. The deteriorating situation
in Iraq has undermined U.S. diplomatic
credibility and limited the administration's
military options, making rogue countries
increasingly confident that they can act
without serious consequences. Iran,
meanwhile, will be watching closely the
diplomatic fallout from North Korea's
apparent test as a clue to how far it might
go with its own nuclear program.


Political strategists debated the domestic
implications of the North Korean test with
midterm elections four weeks away. Some
Republicans predicted it would take the
focus off the Mark Foley congressional
page scandal and remind voters that it is
a dangerous world best confronted by
tough-minded leaders. Some Democrats
argued it would be seen as another failure
of Bush's foreign policy and moved quickly
to try to pin blame on the Republicans. "Is
this going to help Republicans?" asked Jim
Manley, spokesman for Senate Minority
Leader Harry M. Reid (D-Nev.). "The answer
to that is absolutely not. This is another
significant foreign policy failure for the

09 October 2006

New World Order

"Christopher Columbus, as everyone knows,
is honored by posterity because he was the last
to discover America.