25 September 2007


Whoever said Dick Cheney doesn't care about the environment
was obviously unaware of his deep commitment to preserving
our nation's trees.

Speaking last week at the Gerald R. Ford
Presidential Library and Museum in Grand
Rapids, Mich., Ford's one-time White House
chief of staff said: "Researchers like to
come and dig through my files, to see if
anything interesting turns up."

"I want to wish them luck," the vice president
said to a laughing audience. "But the files
are pretty thin. I learned early on that if
you don't want your memos to get you in
trouble someday, just don't write any."

20 September 2007

Even Stevens

Will Sen. Ted Stevens be the latest member of the GOP
to lose his day-job over an embarrassing corruption
scandal? It's never a good sign when the FBI is recording
your phonecalls

I'll bet they tapped his tubes too.