18 July 2007

Long Live Lefsetz

This blog goes to eleven!

The Cheese Sandwich is proud to add The Lefsetz Letter
to its ever-expanding cheesy blogroll. Bob Lefsetz, the
undisputed, heavyweight champion of music geeks has
been preaching his unique brand of Rock 'n' Roll gospel
for decades. (I only recently discovered him via his
enthusiastic commentaries that appear regularly in the
Rhinocast podcast series.) Now, with the magic of the
internets, discerning music fans everywhere can get the
full-on Lefsetz experience in convenient blog form.

His latest post is a tour-de-force rant that connects the
dots between the alleged popularity of talentless wastes
of space like Victoria Beckham and a failed, dysfunctional
news media that has completely lost the plot.

Who said Posh Spice was important? A woman
with baseball-sized boobs glued to her chest,
who looks like she hasn’t eaten during this
century, she’s the new role model for young
American girls? Why isn’t NOW or maybe even
Rosie O’Donnell out there protesting this
travesty of hype?

Probably because nobody’s really paying
attention. Only the media that needs a story to
sell to its advertisers. The public doesn’t care.

Do me a favor L.A. "Times". Next time, just print
a picture of a hanger, that’s all Posh Spice is.
She’s even dumber than most models.

Uneducated, created by the knife and sporting
an unending desire to be famous, she trumps
everybody with an education, everybody who
believes you make the best of what you’re born
with, who believes that who you are is more
important than what you look like?

The media is so out of touch with the American
public it isn’t funny. It’s no different than their
support of the Administration in the run-up to
the war. They want to be in bed with the rich,
they want to go to parties with Posh Spice, or
her handlers/sponsors. They want some of the
overflow of fame, just like Judith Miller
cherished her White House access.

The media used to be independent. Forging its
own stories. Coming up with its own stars.
Maybe they’re complicit in this Posh Spice hype
because no one’s working at the papers
anymore. Or most of the media. They’ve laid off
most of the worker bees in the hunt for profits,
to satiate Wall Street, and all that remain are
out of touch millionaires, who think what their
brethren fat cats tell them is happening truly is.

But it’s not.

Amen, brother. But lest you be fooled into thinking it’s all
fire and brimstone at the House of Lefsetz, check out his
review of a recent “surprise” concert by Paul McCartney
at Amoeba Records. I challenge any Beatles fan to read it
without smiling.