18 July 2007

Generation Chickenhawk

Max Blumenthal visits the College Republicans National
Convention in DC. Check out the must-see video, here.

* * *

UPDATE: Compare the the above acts of brazen cowardice
and hypocrisy with this heartbreaking story in today’s
NY Times metro section.

A little more than a year ago, Le Ron A. Wilson,
not yet 18, walked into the military recruiting
center on Jamaica Avenue in Queens and signed
up to serve in the Army. He had the kind of
brains and drive that make a good soldier, the
persistence that wears down parents. His
mother, Simona Francis, gave her permission.

Yesterday, not far from the recruiting center, the
short, happy life of Le Ron Wilson was recalled
at a funeral Mass in Christ the King Church.
Twice named soldier of the month in his platoon,
a specialist in the repair of weapons, a
correspondent with scores of friends on his
MySpace page, Private First Class Wilson and
another soldier were killed on July 6 by a
roadside bomb.

Many of those in the church yesterday wore
buttons with his image. The pictures that show
him fresh-faced do not lie. He was born on Nov.
16, 1988. He was not yet 13 during the attacks
of Sept. 11 and never voted for a president.
He barely had to shave.

Read the rest of this article for free, here.