13 July 2007


photo: Reuters

“For my part, I would rather lose a campaign than
a war.”

- John McCain / April 2007

It seems the former front-runner has already completed
the first half of the equation.

"We've made mistakes," the Arizona senator
said during an interview with New Hampshire
Public Radio. "The responsibility is mine. I'm
the candidate."

Four days after accepting the resignations of
his two top campaign aides, McCain said he
didn't do what was necessary to run a
productive campaign and spent just as much
as he brought in when he should have been
saving up to pay for costly television
advertisements for the heat of race.

"We didn't use the money in the most effective
way," he said.

McCain made the comments in the first-in-the-
nation primary state as finger-pointing among
his loyalists intensified in Washington over
who was to blame for the one-time GOP front-
runner's six-month slide and financially fragile

The campaign raised $25 million in the first half
of the year, but blew through nearly all of it
during the same period. By Sunday, the
campaign will report to the Federal Election
Commission that it has $2 million cash on hand
but more than $1 million in outstanding debt,
according to officials. They say McCain could
end up having as little as a couple hundred
thousand dollars to spend as he tries to
revitalize his campaign.

Tough luck, Johnny. I hope you saved those receipts.

Maybe your war-mongering pal in the Senate can lend
you some Joementum to get that Straight-Talk Express
rollin’ again.

Or you could follow Rudy’s lead and just hire drug-dealers
and prostitute-payers to manage your campaign.

Or you could risk it all on the Double Hail Mary.
(aka "The World’s Biggest Flip-Flop")

Or you could just STFU and go away.

* * *

UPDATE: It looks like he picked door number two.

McCain got more bad news yesterday. A Florida
co-chair for his campaign was arrested on
Wednesday after offering to perform oral sex
on an undercover officer, the Associated Press

Sounds like entrapment to me. Was the cop wearing
a gay sweater ?