11 June 2007

War Pigs

Glenn Greenwald:

The very idea of starting a new war with Iran is
so obscenely irrational -- to say nothing of its
morality -- that it is difficult to put into words. A
vast consensus of military experts across the
ideological spectrum have all been warning for
several years that no viable option exists for the
military glory which the great and serious
Churchillian warrior, Joe Lieberman, seeks. Just
fathom how quickly and how completely
whatever lingering shreds of moral credibility
America has left would disappear if we
commenced a military attack on that country.

Joe Lieberman cares about none of that -- issues
of American credibility and American security
could not be any less important to Lieberman --
and the same is true for his fellow band of
warmongering ideologues who have long been
hungry for war with Iran as the next step in their
grand vision that brought us the invasion of Iraq.
Over the last year, they have been gradually
increasing the explicitness with which they urge
a war with Iran, and yet they are treated with as
great a respect as ever.

In the American political framework, one can
never lose credibility by urging on new wars.
That is an inherently respectable position. Only
opposing new wars, or the continuation of old
ones, can result in a loss of credibility. Yet both
the views and the underlying motives of
warmongers like Lieberman are as radical -- and
as deceitful and corrupt -- as can be.