05 June 2007

Time to get a new nickname

Scooter gets sentenced to 30 months in the big house, and
the PPW (Presidential Pardon Watch) officially begins.

President Bush, traveling in Europe, said through
a spokesman that he "felt terrible for the family,"
especially Libby's wife and children.

But he doesn't feel the least bit "terrible" for Valerie Plame,
the CIA agent whose life was put in danger when Cheney, Rove,
Libby and the rest of the White House gang leaked her identity
to reporters in a clumsy attempt to hurt her husband for telling
the truth about Bush's bogus claims that Saddam had acquired
nuclear materials from Niger. Of course not. That would require
some degree of intelligence and decency.

And speaking of intelligence and decency, check out all the
"love letters" sent to the court by Libby's buddies (including
James Carvile?!) now on file at The Smoking Gun.