22 February 2007

Mr. Fantastic

Wolffe: It’s those damn, dirty bloggers’ fault!

Newsweek’s Richard Wolffe on the Washington Press:

"…the press here does a fantastic job of adhering to
journalistic standards and covering politics in general."

Glenn Greenwald responds:

Truly, the spectacle of watching our country's leading
White House journalists sitting there next to Tony Snow
-- all of them oozing pomposity and self-satisfaction --
while Snow engineers the entire discussion and treats
them like the friendly puppets that they are (Snow:
"What do you think, Richard?" Richard: "Yeah, uh, well .
. . I totally agree."), is quite difficult to endure, but is
nonetheless truly revealing. How can someone who
authored the above-excerpted articles, in which they
disseminated to the world patent falsehoods that helped
to unleash a grotesquely unnecessary and grotesquely
brutal war, all on false pretenses, now parade around in
public touting what a great job they have done and
attack bloggers for criticizing them?

With rare exception, could our national press corps be
any more self-regarding, empty, corrupt and worthless?
Given that our national media is composed of
"journalists" like Richard Wolffe (and Michael Gordon) –
- who look at their behavior and conclude that they are
doing a "fantastic job" and that the real problem lies
with the ignorant, dirty barbarians who dare to criticize
them -- is it really any wonder that our political
discourse and our political institutions are as
fundamentally degraded and as broken as they are?