03 February 2007

Missing Molly

I’ve been a fan of Molly Ivins ever since I started reading
her work shortly after the 2000 election. Her syndicated
column – always filled to the brim with the common-sense
wisdom lacking in so much of our contemporary
“journalism” – has been a source of comfort and inspiration
for many during this dark chapter in our political history.
Her death is a painful blow to all Americans who seek
justice and accountability from our leaders.

And unlike nearly every talking-head on cable news or
columnist in the Washington press, Molly’s analysis of
Shrub” and his Iraq Adventure was spot-on from day one.

Some highlights, courtesy of Paul Krugman and Atrios:

Nov. 19, 2002: “The greatest risk for us in
invading Iraq is probably not war itself, so
much as: What happens after we win? ... There
is a batty degree of triumphalism loose in this
country right now.”

Jan. 16, 2003: “I assume we can defeat Hussein
without great cost to our side (God forgive me if
that is hubris). The problem is what happens after
we win. The country is 20 percent Kurd, 20
percent Sunni and 60 percent Shiite. Can you
say, ‘Horrible three-way civil war?’ ”

July 14, 2003: “I opposed the war in Iraq
because I thought it would lead to the peace
from hell, but I’d rather not see my prediction
come true and I don’t think we have much time
left to avert it. That the occupation is not going
well is apparent to everyone but Donald
Rumsfeld. ... We don’t need people with
credentials as right-wing ideologues and
corporate privatizers — we need people who
know how to fix water and power plants.”

Oct. 7, 2003: “Good thing we won the war,
because the peace sure looks like a quagmire. ...

“I’ve got an even-money bet out that says more
Americans will be killed in the peace than in the
war, and more Iraqis will be killed by Americans
in the peace than in the war. Not the first time
I’ve had a bet out that I hoped I’d lose.”

It is nice to see so many people paying their respects to
this great writer from Texas. The best tributes I’ve read
can be found here, here and here.

Farewell Molly. You will be sorely missed.