02 August 2006

You say you want some evolution?

Another crucial victory for Team Darwin.

TOPEKA, Kan. - Conservative Republicans who
pushed anti-evolution standards back into
Kansas schools last year have lost control of the
state Board of Education once again.

The most closely watched race was in western
Kansas, where incumbent conservative Connie
Morris lost her GOP primary Tuesday. The
former teacher had described evolution as "an
age-old fairy tale" and "a nice bedtime story"
unsupported by science.

As a result of Tuesday's vote, board members
and candidates who believe evolution is well-
supported by evidence will have a 6-4 majority.
Evolution skeptics had entered the election with
a 6-4 majority.

I suppose if one believes the Earth was created 6,000
years ago then a book published in 1859 probably does
seem like an “age-old fairy tale.” At any rate, on behalf
of the reality-based world community I’d like to welcome
the great state of Kansas back to the Age of Reason.
We hope you’ll stay a while.