09 May 2006


USA Today:

"You hear people say he has a hard core that
will never desert him, and that has been the case
for most of the administration," says Charles
Franklin, a political scientist at the University of
Wisconsin who studies presidential approval
ratings. "But for the last few months, we started
to see that hard core seriously erode in support."

Only four presidents have scored lower approval
ratings since the Gallup Poll began regularly
measuring it in the mid-1940s: Harry Truman,
Richard Nixon, Jimmy Carter and the first
George Bush. When Nixon, Carter and the elder
Bush sank below 35%, they never again
registered above 40%.

That was yesterday. Today, a new CBS/New York Times
poll has more of the same.

Only 31% of those polled approve of Mr. Bush's
job performance and 68% believe the United
States is worse off today than it was before
Bush became president.

It’s a good thing the president doesn't pay attention to

PRESIDENT BUSH (4/28/05): Polls? You know,
if a President tries to govern based upon polls,
you're kind of like a dog chasing your tail. I don't
think you can make good, sound decisions based
upon polls. And I don't think the American people
want a President who relies upon polls and focus
groups to make decisions for the American

No, the American people want a President who relies
upon phony intelligence, illegal domestic spying,
sycophantic government cronies, and imaginary
conversations with Jesus to make decisions for the
American people. Which is why the American people
think he’s doing such a swell job.

What was that again about a dog chasing his own tail?