22 February 2006

He's A Busy Man

The AP reports:

While Bush has adamantly defended the
deal, the White House acknowledged that he
did not know about it until recently.

"He became aware of it over the last several
days," McClellan said. Asked if Bush did not
know about it until it was a done deal,
McClellan said, "That's correct." He said the
matter did not rise to the presidential level,
but went through a congressionally-
mandated review process and was
determined not to pose a national security

"The president made sure to check with all
the Cabinet secretaries that are part of this
process, or whose agencies or departments
are part of this process," the spokesman
said. "He made sure to check with them --
even after this got more attention in the
press, to make sure that they were
comfortable with the decision that was

"And every one of the Cabinet secretaries
expressed that they were comfortable with
this transaction being approved," he said.

See? Someone eventually gave Bush the heads-up. Just
like after the VP shot his buddy in the face, or after a
Category 5 hurricane destroyed a major U.S. city.

And then he made few phone calls, checked-in with the
guys down the hall, and made sure everything was cool.

So what more do you want? Perhaps a legally required
45-day investigation by the the Committee on Foreign
Investment in the United States?

Guess again.