06 February 2006

Cheesy History Lesson

Previous presidents, Gonzales argued, have
"authorized the warrantless surveillance of the
enemy during wartime" in ways "far more
sweeping than the narrowly targeted terrorist
surveillance program." He cited presidents
Abraham Lincoln, Woodrow Wilson and
Franklin D. Roosevelt and noted that Gen.
George Washington authorized the interception
of letters during the Revolutionary War.

I hate to piss all over your little parade Alberto, but there
was no American Constitution during the Revolutionary
War and General George Washington was not yet
president. Your same logic would imply that because
previous presidents fought in wars (unlike our current
Bedwetter-in-Chief) it is therefore legal for any sitting
president to pick up a gun and shoot someone. It’s not.
Likewise, it is also illegal for the president to own slaves,
even though the other George W. did so over two
hundred years ago.

You see folks, times change and so do laws. It
doesn’t matter what was legal when the guy calling the
shots was Washington or Lincoln or Alexander the Great.
Current U.S. law says the government must obtain a
if it wants to spy on Americans. You can argue
that everyone from Nixon to Atilla the Hun got to play
with different rules ‘til the cows come home, but it won’t
change the essential, indisputable truth...

The Bush Administration broke the law.