18 January 2006

Star Cheese

And now the purple dusk of twilight time
Steals across the meadows of my heart
High up in the sky the little stars climb
Always reminding me that we're apart

You wander down the lane and far away
Leaving me a song that will not die
Love is now the stardust of yesterday
The music of the years gone by

In one of the most detailed astronomical images ever
produced, NASA's Hubble Space Telescope captured
an unprecedented look at the Orion Nebula. This
turbulent star formation region is one of astronomy's
most dramatic and photogenic celestial objects.

"Orion is a bustling cauldron of activity. This new
large-scale Hubble image of the region reveals a
treasure-house of beauty and astonishing detail for
comprehensive scientific study," said Jennifer
Wiseman, NASA's Hubble program scientist.