24 January 2006


Could it really happen?

Sources said the probe to determine whether
the president violated the law will include
Republicans, but that they may not be aware
they could be helping to lay the groundwork for
a Democratic impeachment campaign against
Mr. Bush.

"Our arithmetic shows that a majority of the
committee could vote against the president,"
the source said. "If we work hard, there could
be a tie."

The law limits the government surveillance to
no more than 72 hours without a court
warrant. The president, citing his constitutional
war powers, has pledged to continue wiretaps
without a warrant.

The hearings would be accompanied by several
lawsuits against the administration connected
to the surveillance program. At the same time,
the Electronic Privacy Information Center has
filed a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit that
demands information about the NSA spying.

Sen. Arlen Specter, Senate Judiciary
Committee chairman and Pennsylvania
Republican, has acknowledged that the
hearings could conclude with a vote of whether
Mr. Bush violated the law. Mr. Specter, a critic
of the administration's surveillance program,
stressed that, although he would not seek it,
impeachment is a possible outcome.

"Impeachment is a remedy," Mr. Specter said
on Jan. 15. "After impeachment, you could
have a criminal prosecution. But the principal
remedy under our society is to pay a political

Will the law finally catch up to George W. Bush?

Will he finally face his Kobayashi Maru?

Steve Gilliard says probably not.


Because he is a coward. Bush could NEVER
take the brutal questioning which would start
with wiretaps and end with Iraq and Niger.

Make no mistake, Bush talks big, but he's never
had a big fight in his life, and if Rove is facing
indictment, and his flank exposed, Bush will
resign like Nixon, because Poppy and Bar will
not let him disgrace the family name by being
forced out.

If this Congress seriously considers
impeachment, as a way to save their jobs if
nothing else, Bush is done. And the serious
people in Congress are getting nervous. You
have the worst of both worlds, a weak,
risktaking president aquiring [sic] power and
brazenly defending law breaking.