14 December 2005

Love and Death

Woody Allen on George W. Bush:

Arguably the worst administration in the
history of the United States. I didn’t start
out with any hostility; I started out rooting
for him. I was rooting for him, certainly,
after 9/11, and when I was in Europe a few
days after Sept. 11 and people were asking
me questions about him—because I was
from New York and people thought I was
an expert—I was saying, ‘Well, I hope he’ll
do a good job, I’m optimistic, I think he
will.’ He certainly got off to a good start
and showed sympathy and enthusiasm and
said all the right things. But he didn’t. He
let the country down brutally.

The Brooklyn-born auteur turned 70 this month. But the
real reason to celebrate is all the good buzz his latest film,
Match Point has been getting in the press. I’m keeping my
fingers crossed.

Find out Woody’s take on a variety of other topics (including
Chris Rock, Marilyn Monroe, and his favorite beer) in this
by Suzy Hansen for the New York Observer.