09 December 2005

Cheesy Awards Show

Do you remember this year’s Academy Awards?

Me neither. But apparently this actually happened...

"They like to say there's over 100 stars out tonight,"
said Mr. Rock, to a hall filled with Hollywood's upper
crust and a worldwide television audience. "No,
there's not. There's only four real stars. The rest are
just popular people. Clint Eastwood is a star. That's a
star. Tobey Maguire is just a boy in tights."

Mr. Rock also took a camera crew to a Magic Johnson
theater in Los Angeles, where he asked patrons if
they had seen any of the five best-picture nominees;
most had seen none of them. In the aftermath of the
show, some Academy members - a notoriously
solemn bunch - complained that Mr. Rock had focused
on stand-up comedy more than the movies. At the
awards, Sean Penn was moved to defend Mr. Law as
"one of our finest actors" when he came to the stage
to present an award.

But alas, it won’t be happening again.

Sid Ganis, president of the Motion Picture Academy,
acknowledged that some members complained about
Mr. Rock but said that others praised his performance.
This year "we want to do the right job in honoring the
artist, and to make an entertaining show," he said.

The decision not to go with Mr. Rock leaves a small
pool of other likely candidates, among them Billy
Crystal, Steve Martin and Whoopi Goldberg, all
former Oscar hosts. Whoever takes the job does so
after a year when the industry has been shaken by a
declining box office, and when no one movie is
expected to dominate the awards.

Recipe for a suckfest. Come on guys! Think outside the box!
Get the host that would send the ratings through the roof...

C’mon, you know you’d watch it.

At the very least, they should change the current Oscar statues
to look like various woodland animals.

That would at least get me to watch past the opening monologue.