13 November 2005

That Sinking Feeling

Frank Rich writes:

When people in power get away with telling bigger and
bigger lies, they naturally think they can keep getting
away with it. And for a long time, Mr. Bush and his
cronies did. Not anymore.

The latest numbers from Newsweek:

36% of Americans approve of Bush’s job performance
68% of Americans dissatisfied with direction of the country
42% of Americans believe Bush is honest and ethical

And so we have a president desperately trying to change the
subject, confuse the issues, and attack the critics -- a group
that now includes Rick Santorum.

In a speech in Philadelphia, Sen. Rick Santorum, R-Pa.,
criticized how the war has been presented to
Americans — both by the media and the White House.
Afterward, Santorum said the war has been "less than
optimal" and "maybe some blame could be laid" at the
White House. "Certainly, mistakes were made,"
Santorum said.

The San Francisco Examiner adds:

GOP Sen. Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania, a prominent
conservative and member of the leadership, faces a
double-digit deficit in most polls. He cited a scheduling
conflict Friday for his decision to skip a Veterans Day
event in Pennsylvania that featured Bush.

Free advice for Republicans -- and some Democrats:

You probably shouldn’t wait until the ship is completely
before finding a lifeboat.