03 November 2005

Mr. Vice-President, your pants are on fire.

Raw Story reports:

The indictment against Cheney’s Chief of Staff,
I. Lewis “Scooter” Libby, clearly states that Cheney and
Libby discussed Plame’s undercover CIA status and
the fact that her husband, former Ambassador Joseph
Wilson, traveled to Niger to investigate claims that
Iraq tried to acquire yellowcake uranium from the
African country in early June of 2003.

Yet the following month, Cheney and then-White
House press secretary Ari Fleischer asserted that the
vice president was unaware of Wilson’s Niger trip,
who the ambassador was, or a classified report Wilson
wrote about his findings prior to the ambassador’s
July 6, 2003 op-ed in the New York Times.

We now know, courtesy of the 22-page Libby
indictment, that Cheney wasn’t being truthful. Cheney
did see the report; he knew full well who Wilson was.
He also knew that the CIA arranged for Wilson to
travel to Niger, and he personally sought out
information about Wilson’s trip to Niger, was briefed
about the fact-finding mission, and even obtained
classified information about Plame’s covert CIA status.
He also came to know one other important nugget:
that Plame may have recommended her husband for
the trip.

Perhaps the vice-president could clear things up by
answering a few questions.