11 October 2005


So Judy Miller suddenly finds notes from a conversation
she had with Scooter Libby back in June 2003 -- before
Joseph Wilson wrote his op-ed piece -- and now finds
herself facing more questions from special counsel
Patrick Fitzgerald.

Since the New York Times seems unwilling or unable to
connect the dots, bloggers are posting some plausable
theories of their own. The current blockbuster comes
from Jane Hamsher at firedoglake. In a follow-up post,
she summarizes the “dust bunny theory” as follows:

In a nutshell: it posits that Judy thought she could get
cute, cut a deal with Fitzgerald to limit her testimony
and then lied to the Grand Jury (possibly about the
first time she met with Libby, having been coached by
him). Fitzgerald busted her, and she's now scrambling
to save her ass and offering up her notes from a
heretofore unknown meeting with A Boy Named
Scooter on June 22.

Mark Kleiman offers a more detailed summary, here.

Latest news from Murray Waas confirms that Libby did
not disclose the June conversation with Miller to the
grand jury and FBI investigators.