12 July 2005

Question of the Day

[photo: Reuters]

Eric Alterman asks:

Where is the conservative outrage?

After all, the man outed an undercover CIA agent,
blew numerous operations, cost the country millions
of dollars and quite possibly endangered national
security and could conceivably have cost lives.
(For all we know, he did.) And he did it all for pure
political advantage. There was a reason that law
was passed. And it was to prevent people from
doing stuff like this. Whether what Rove did was
within the law strikes me as beside the point.
What is the president doing keeping a man in his
job who treats the national security of the nation
and the lives of its dedicated public servants as
pawns in his political chess-match? And what are
CNN and The Washington Post doing keeping his
cowardly accomplice? Isn’t that the kind of thing
about which patriotic conservatives profess to care?