07 July 2005

London Calling

I just received an email from our TCS London

* * *

Just to let you all know that I am ok.

I missed the Kings Cross Station (my regular arriving
point) explosion by about 8 minutes. I was waiting for
the cheaper time of day to travel.

Hasn't really sunk in yet.

The train I was on was stopped just before Kings Cross
and I bussed and walked to work from Kentish Town
(Northwest London).

Al Queda are claiming responsibility, and now we reap
the rewards of Bush and Blair's insane foreign policy.

London looks like War of the Worlds right now.
Tons of people in the streets on cellphones. Cops and
ambulances trying to drive through huge amounts of
traffic and a very tangible sense of unease.

I cannot call or text from my phone right now (networks
overloaded) so this email will have to do. So far all my
friends, colleagues and family are accounted for.

Thanks for the emails and texts.

- T.