09 July 2005

Join the Fight!

In case you may have forgotten, our country is fighting
a war in Iraq -- and our military desperately needs more


By LIZ SIDOTI, Associated Press Writer
Thursday, June 30, 2005

The Army, already likely to miss its
recruiting goal this year, may have even
more trouble filling its ranks next year,
the service's chief of staff said Thursday.

"We've got enormous challenges,"
Gen. Peter Schoomaker told the
Senate Armed Services Committee.

In written testimony, he said the Army's
goal of 80,000 recruits this year "is at
serious risk," and recruiting woes will
stretch "well into the future." Next year,
he wrote, "may be the toughest recruiting
environment ever."

Schoomaker's testimony came a day after
officials said the Army met its recruiting
goal for June after four months of shortfalls.

Despite that progress, the active-duty
Army is still 7,800 recruits behind its
year-to-date goal. The service hoped
to recruit 80,000 into its ranks between
Oct. 1, 2004, and this Sept. 30.

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The situation is serious, and it’s time for the honorable
Americians who support our actions in Iraq to step up
to the plate and answer their country’s call to arms.

Your military needs you. Your country needs you.

It’s time to stop talking about freedom and start
fighting for it. The future of our nation, if not the
entire world hangs in the balance.


That is, unless you are simply a chickenhawk…

Or perhaps a Yellow Elephant.