29 June 2005

Need a second opinion?

It is still too early to know if last night’s speech from the
president had any effect on the public. But the White House
can’t be too happy with the reviews in today’s newspapers.

The New York Times:

Sadly, Mr. Bush wasted his opportunity last night,
giving a speech that only answered questions no
one was asking. He told the nation, again and again,
that a stable and democratic Iraq would be worth
American sacrifices, while the nation was wondering
whether American sacrifices could actually produce
a stable and democratic Iraq.

The Washington Post:

Once again, however, the president missed an opportunity
to fully level with Americans, even though some of the
hard truths he elided have been spelled out by his aides
and senior military commanders.

Los Angeles Times:

President Bush's pep talk to the nation Tuesday night
was a major disappointment. He again rewrote history
by lumping together the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11,
2001, and the need for war in Iraq, when, in fact,
Saddam Hussein's Iraq had no connection to Al Qaeda.

Obviously, Democrats weren’t too pleased with what they heard
either. Senators Russ Feingold and Ted Kennedy have both posted reactions online.

Über-blogger Josh Marshall notes that even David Gergen found
Bush’s repeated invocations of 9/11 offensive.

Juan Cole breaks down all the inaccuracies and lies in the speech,
and even shares some reactions from real live Iraqis.

And Daily Howler offers its incomparable analysis of the post-speech cable coverage, deeming Chris Matthews performance “little short
of appalling.”

But if you’re looking for an escape from current events, I recommend
heading to your local AMC theater to check out the film that is
apparently so good, it’s got a money-back guarantee.