13 June 2005

Like A Rolling Stone

Continuing with our 60's rock legends theme…

Did you see this article on Bob Dylan in the
Sunday New York Times? [written by Bill Wyman,
who I assume is not the former bass player for
The Rolling Stones, because that would just be
too weird.]

Wyman writes:
Mr. Dylan has turned his act into one of the weirdest
road shows in rock. He rarely speaks to the crowd, and
when he does, his remarks are often gnomic throwaways.
("I had a big brass bed, but I sold it!") He plays some of
his best-known songs, but often in contrarian, almost
unrecognizable versions, as if to dampen their anthemic

Thomas Bartlett at Salon puts it in slightly sharper
Dylan seems to have temporarily given up on
melody... to focus on tone (rasping and hollow, like
the ghost of Tom Waits) and, above all, on phrasing.

He also recommends this website which features
Real Audio samples of Dylan's live shows going all the way
back to 1961. Great stuff. I particularly enjoyed hearing
Dylan's 2002 cover of George Harrison's Something, which
he dedicates to the deceased Beatle "because we were such
good buddies."