29 May 2005

A Message from the Big Cheese

It's official. The Cheese Sandwich is back!

(cue fanfare)

Frankly, I had no idea how the initial launch of this site would pan out back in April. To my pleasant surprise, people not only checked out TCS, they actually read the articles and gave some (mostly) positive feedback. Very cool indeed.

But... I was not able to devote the time and effort necessary to bring the kind of quality info-tainment that I originally envisioned for this site. So for the past few weeks, The Cheese Sandwich has been missing in action. During that time, changes have been made. Plans have been developed. Interns have been hired.

So we're back in business.

The plan (for now at least) is to update the site daily with news, reviews, essays, articles, rants, raves, and lots of links to cool stuff around the web. TCS will cover a wide range of topics including (but not limited to) politics, media, films, music, and sports. If this sounds at all interesting, I hope you will bookmark this site and return often.

The Cheese Sandwich will NOT contain the following:

• unedited, stream-of-consciousness descriptions of what I did today
• stories and gossip about friends and family
• giant blocks of text with little or no punctuation

If you're looking for the items listed above, you should definitely try a different blog. Don't worry, there are plenty that fit the description.

The Cheese Sandwich loves to get feedback from readers. If you have any questons, comments, or wacky conspiracy theories, just click on
the CHEESY COMMENTS link and send me an email. Your email address will not be shared with anyone – promise.

Thank you for your time and interest.

SPECIAL NOTE: Unfortunately, the old TCS articles are no longer available. But I will re-post my list of favorite web radio sites later this weekend. Hope you enjoy it.