30 May 2005

Is there any reason to watch MTV?

"Apparently the image of our president is
as offensive to MTV as it is to me."
– Trent Reznor

In case you need further proof of just how timid and lame
MTV has become (or perhaps always was), read this story.

Now lets see... who owns MTV?
That’s right, Viacom.

And who is the CEO of Viacom?
Oh yeah... this guy.

But I’m sure he had nothing to do with it.

No siree.

If MTV really had balls, they’d get George Galloway to host
the awards show. If you haven’t seen his brilliant performance
at the U.S. Senate, check it out here. It’s must-see TV.

It looks like somebody at the Senate Committee on
Homeland Security & Governmental Affairs website

"lost" Mr. Galloway's testimony.

You know, the speech that I just linked to in this post.
The speech that was broadcast on all the major news
networks. The speech that presumably went into the
congressional record moments after it left his mouth.

I guess it has to be written on some kind of
special stationary to get posted on the website.

Weird, huh?