30 May 2005

The Cure for Cheesy Radio

Are you a radio junkie?
Do you have an insatiable craving for interesting,
eclectic audio programs from around the globe?

Me too.

Here is a list of some my favorite stations. Click on the call letters
to check out their homepages. They all have live internet feeds.
You’ll need RealPlayer or Windows Media Player to listen.


KCRW - Santa Monica, California
KEXP - Seattle, Washington
CITR - Vancouver, British Columbia
KTUH - Honolulu, Hawaii
KAMP - Tuscon, Arizona
WXYC - Chapel Hill, North Carolina
WNUR - Chicago, Illinois
WFMU - Jersey City, New Jersey
WBGO - Newark, New Jersey
(It's true – New York's best radio is made in New Jersey.)
Radio Free New Orleans


Radio Netherlands - Hilversum, Holland
LiveIreland.com - Dublin, Ireland
RRR - Melbourne, Australia
Radio Swiss Jazz - Bern, Switzerland
RadioPalmwine.com - Lagos, Nigera
Radio Classika - St. Petersburg, Russia
NHK - Tokyo, Japan
Radio Uno - Rome, Italy
(Can't understand a word – but still fun to hear.)

Last but not least, you could spend your whole life exploring
all the terrific programs on BBC Radio. But if that's still not
enough, check out this great search engine at radio-locator.